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Why we are Cheap ?

We are a professional mlm software development firm having presence in complete Asia. We are one of the Asia's most selling mlm software provider having more then 100 new sales every month. We develop mlm software using various technology like python, PHP and noSQL or My SQL. Also we believe that mlm is a sensitive business and it requires fast technology and higher level server. Thats why our servers are dedicated which is shared among clients. Still we are cheap. Isn't that amazing. read below why we are cheap


» Our development cost is low, thats why we can offer software at low cost
» We use framework to develop software, thats why we can do fast software development
» We get more orders from resellers then open market, thats why we offer software at reseller price
» We charge clients that much amount only how much actually we should get. We do not like to overcharge our clients.
» And finally we offer low cost software to make individual start their own business at low investment.
MLM Software Features →
Multi Admin Panel Multi Admin Panel
Staff Panel Staff Panel
Unlimited MembersUnlimited Members
Franchisee Panel Franchisee Panel
E-PIN Generator E-PIN Generator
Genealogy Report Genealogy Report
Tree Report / View Tree Report / View
Income Report Income Report
Full C Panel Access Full C Panel Access
User Management User Management
Export Database Export Database
SMS / Email Advt SMS / Email Advt
Repurchase System Repurchase System
Welcome Letter Welcome Letter
TAX Calculation TAX Calculation
Automatic/Manual Closing Automatic/Manual Closing
Online Messaging Online Messaging
E Wallet System E Wallet System
Profit / Loss Statement Profit / Loss Statement
Block / Allow User Block / Allow User

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About MLM software

Mlm software or you can also called network marketing software has been described by Dominique Xardel. For this pyramid selling marketing the mlm software is required. By only the help of mlm software you can manage your marketing strategy and make your stronger network. In this software our network is establish like tree means the root is parent and make the sub roots called child. In this network all members are must to pay some joining money and after that if you make some member in your legs/down then you will get some percent of money and this percent of money in depend on the condition of marketing owner. And after that if your legs member joins another member in our legs then you also get some percent of money as per the condition of marketing owner.

Types of MLM Software:

If you want to know how many types of mlm software, no one can say exactly the types, reason is that every one develop own requirement of mlm software or as per client requirement. But basically types of mlm software are binary mlm software, matrix mlm software, forced matrix mlm software, re-purchase mlm software, binary + repurchase mlm software etc.

Binary MLM Software:
Binary mlm software plan in which the raise or recruited members is participated down line with only two member join left & right.

Level MLM Software:
Matrix mlm software system arrange during which the raise or recruited members is participated down line with unlimited joining members.

Matrix MLM Software:
Forced matrix mlm software plan in which the raise or recruited member is participated down line with 3 or 4 members or as per user requirement joining strategy but not unlimited legs and more then 2 legs.

Repurchase MLM Software:
Repurchase mlm software plan in which the raise or recruited member is participated down line in any above plan and earn commissions from selling different products.

Other MLM Software:
There are also other types of mlm plans like board mlm plan, Australian plan, help plan and mlm softwares are develop accordingly.

MLM Software Development:

Few years ago mlm software development was not much famous. But at that time mlm software development was a serious issue. Now a days a lots of companies and individuals started developing mlm softwares. So taking a decision where to order mlm software is a risky matter.

3 Vital thing matters for a successful quality software which you should pay attention.

1) Heavy Server (like VPS or Dedicated), because mlm software needs a lot programming loop, which may cause to down or heavy load in normal server
2) Multiple Programming Language , because single programming languages like PHP or ASP.NET is not enough for heavy sites.
3) Android Apps and Responsive Software, because there are more users who uses mobile then PC, so it is recommended.

So, whenever you develop mlm software you ask if they provide all above mentioned facilities or not.

At mlmshop, we provide above all points:

1) We provide shared dedicated server for heavy databased software
2) We use multiple programming language. We use PHP + Python and NoSQL + MySQL
3) We provide Free of cost Android Apps and our software + website also comes in responsive format.

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